2023 permissions update + Bethesda.net "statement"

As was asked of me.

Hello everyone, I'm posting about permissions again to include some changes. Bethesda.net public statement is below the picture.

  1. Almost everything in the download section is an open credit. MEANING: you can use the stuff, but give me credit and link to my page.
  2. Exceptions: ALT2 & stuff based on it, because some people just don't know how to credit someone. Ask me & link me your mod, that's all, 99,9% I'll say yes. I'll even link to it on the main page of this website.
  3. If you found Dizona Body or stuff based on; off-limits for nexusmods, otherwise you can use the textures whenever you want (Xbox\TesAlliance\Bethesda mod platform, etc - all fine), just credit me & Dizona. Link to my page.
  4. Anything marked as WIP is off-limits as well because they're WIP and I don't want to see my unfinished work out in the wild.

If I said yes, you can make profit (like DPs, Patreon\etc) as long as you credit me properly and that only affects content made 100% by me.


About 2: at the end of 2022 the author of BnP skin swefrida has resolved an issue I had with some users on nexus just using BnP, taking some of my works without credit and attribuing those works as to have been made by swefrida, as well as users generally breaking permissions on BnP, so not only I was affected.

swefrida have been very gracious about the situation and the resolution was more than anything I've expected or asked for. The whole situation, however, made me close permissions on ALT2 again to avoid these situations. So it's "contact me" again. Ways to contact me are below.

About 3: I'm just continuing with the decision I came to in 2021, when nexus changed the rules of posting. Don't want DB on nexus\loverslab, everywhere else is fine as long as you credit Dizona & me properly.

4. Same reason I don't like the new nexusmods rules, I want to present the best version of my work(s), or at least finished work(s).

Bethesda changed the rules about permission:

"As of March 12th, 2023 Bethesda will be changing the rules regarding what types of communication constitute sufficient permission from original mod authors to console porters intending to port mods to Bethesda.net, where Xbox and Playstation mods are exclusively hosted. The following link outlines what will be acceptable going forward:


TLDR: screenshotted permissions from private or direct messages will no longer be acceptable. Permissions will now have to be posted publicly."

Here's my public statement for Bethesda.net:

I give permissions to: Timetix, Modder725

to port/use assets from/modify my mod(s) to Bethesda.net, under these conditions:

- full credit is given (with link to my website), including credit(s) to other authors for any assets used in the mod ((necessary))

- the porter will not attempt to profit monetarily by asking for donations or Patreon patrons

- a link back to the original mod page is in the description

- the porter will independently maintain the mod with respect to updates and bug fixes for any issues with the port

- the porter posts clear contact information in the Bethesda.net mod description so Xbox users can report issues and get support

- the port will be removed at the request of the original mod author(s)

See that, Nexus? Bethesda understands ownership better than you.

Ways to contact me:

  1. Contact form on this website (top right)
  2. Discord server: https://discord.gg/dcVbwqQ
  3. Discord DM: khisartin#2210
  4. Nexusmods - expect a late reply: https://www.nexusmods.com/users/45836952